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Grain crushers | mackaceobili.cz

Grain crushers


How to have a more profitable farming without the need to change your fodder?

Grain crushers are one of the few known ways how to increase the yield of livestock breeding without changing the fodder. Crushed grains allow the animals to ingest more than 90% of all nutrients. This is one of the reasons why these flakes are much more nutritional compared to groats.

We offer you reliable grain crushers made of high quality materials which greatly increase the machine usable life. We make the rollers of steel resistant to iron and stones. Thanks to this there is minimum wear even after long time.

From grain to flakes

Grains in the grind crushers are processed by means of pressure exerted by two nearly smooth rollers. This disturbs their shape and a hard grain turns into a nutritious flake. Without losing vital vitamins or reducing the fodder weight. The flake thickness can naturally be adjusted as required.

  • The grain crusher operation is safe and easy.
  • The finished flakes can either be used immediately or stored for later.
  • Grain crushers can process oat, wheat and barley.

The choice is up to you

We currently sell two different types of grain crushers:

GetponyOutput 60-90kg/hrPrice starting at CZK 20,785For small breedersSuper 1000Output 600-1 000 kg/hrPrice starting at CZK 39,570For bigger companies

Grain crushers are mostly used by breeders of horses, cattle, sheep, goats, deer or even ostriches. They are suitable both for companies dealing with agricultural production and for producers of fodder mixtures.

Write to us for more information
Do you want to join the companies which have achieved more profitable farming? Do not postpone their purchase for too long. Contact us and get more detailed information today.