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About our company


Dear producers, owners of breweries, breeders of horses, cattle, sheep, goats, deer, ostriches and other livestock.

Our company offers a great aid for correct and economical feeding. You know better than us that it is not easy to achieve good and high quality yield in meat, milk and horse power. We have come to offer you all types of grain crushers.

Grain crushers of all kinds

Grain crushing or flaking is a well-known thing in the world and in our country as well. 
However, in the Czech Republic it used to be greatly neglected and replaced by hammer crushers. Not even the coarsest groats can replace flaking, though. 
The nutrition value and the utilization of flakes is 90% according to experts, whereas groats mixture (suitable for pigs) can boast only 45%.

This means that only half of fodder is consumed when crushing is used.

Besides that, crushed fodder supports better development of proventriculus at young ruminants.

We offer you two types of Getpony crushing machines with the output of 60 – 90 kg/hr. 
These are intended mainly for small breeders. The other type, Super 1000, with the output of 600 – 1 000 kg/hr is intended for medium-sized and large entrepreneurs.